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Are you tired of a small, outdated, mildew-infested bathroom? Are you looking to increase the space and lighting in your bathroom and make it more functional? Well then you need the services of Saveedra Renovations a renowned and experienced bathroom remodeling expert. We offer high quality bathroom remodels that will last the test of time.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to look old and outdated anymore in terms of style or fittings. We have a team of creative, experienced and passionate designers who will help you come up with a great style for your bathroom. What’s more if you have a design that you really want in mind, we can create it for you just as you have envisioned it.

Our designs are spacious enough and allow lots of lighting into the bathroom. The fittings chosen are also innovative and meant to make the bathroom more functional. The materials used can withstand the bathroom conditions.

Therefore, the bathroom remodeling done will last you for a very long time. Do not feel limited anymore when it comes to bathroom designs. Our designs are limitless.

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Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Other contractors might try to offer a one size fits all kind of service but not us. We offer custom bathroom remodeling services for our clients. Every fitting whether a shower, bathtub, shower liners, faucets, sinks and everything else is installed to meet the exact needs that you have.

Before the project kicks off, our designers ensure that they understand exactly what your needs are and aim to provide them with the bathroom renovations.

Build The Bathroom Of Your Dreams.

With bathroom remodeling you are making an investment for your home that you want to last you for long. That is exactly the promise that we have for you. Our bathroom remodels are made to last. We choose high quality materials that can withstand the conditions in the bathroom for a long time. The different parts of the bathroom get different materials that are well suited for the area.

What’s more our technicians are highly experienced in bathroom remodeling. You can therefore be sure that you are getting nothing but the best services. Say goodbye to mold and mildew, broken faucets, leaking taps, stained sinks, faded walls, and other such unsightly conditions typical of other bathrooms.

We offer a wide variety of bathroom renovations including; bathtub replacement and installation, shower replacement, installation of wall surrounds, cabinet installations, bathtub liners, walk-in tubs, bathroom flooring, bathroom lighting, bath conversions and so much more.

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For minor bathroom renovation projects we offer one day remodels that are quality and affordable. We do not rush through our projects. We take time to ensure that superior quality service has been achieved. We pay attention to the smallest details and you can always be sure of the work being done. You do not have to live with an outdated bathroom anymore.

Call us today for custom bathroom remodeling services that are affordable and high quality. Add low maintenance high quality fittings, add more space or make great use of the available space and have a modern design in your bathroom.