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Are you in need of condo remodeling? When it comes to remodeling a condo it is important to leave everything to the professionals. With our services you can be sure that your condo remodeling will adhere to the set out restrictions in the CC&R. This is the document that describes what changes you can and cannot do to your condominium.

We will read the CC&R and carefully walk you through what can be done depending on the condo remodeling that you need. With our professional expertise and experience in condo remodeling we will be able to work within the restrictions stated and still achieve the results that you want. We will also stick to the given specifications on materials to use.


When it comes to condo remodeling, flexibility of the contractor is required. There are some complexes that will have limitations on the times that the contractor can work. We have equipment and enough manpower to stick to these schedules and still complete your project in the least time possible or in the scheduled time. If we have little time within which we are allowed to work (usually from 9am to 5pm) we will offer more manpower to your project so that it goes faster.

Condo Designs

When it comes to condo remodeling, a lot of design considerations have to be put in mind. We have a great team of designers and architects who are conversant with condo designs. We can be able to provide dramatic changes while still working within the set out restrictions. Also our craftsmen are able to use their skills to bring you the desired changes without having to do a lot of structural alterations to your condominium.

Clear Communication with remodeling details

Clear communication will be required during the project. We ensure that your project will run smoothly from start to finish. During the condo remodeling we keep communication clear to help you understand what we will do and how we will do it. Everything we do will be guided by the CC&R. we will help you to understand what can be done and what cannot be done.

We will also help you in choosing the materials that can be installed to meet the standards required. All this will require to be communicated in clear terms and we will ensure that is done. You will not feel in the dark through the project.

#1 Condo Remodeling Service In Naples

Our condo remodeling projects are beautiful and made to last. We use materials that meet the required standards. We take time to understand what you need and endeavor to meet your expectations. We manage the project with ease from beginning to finish. Your neighbors will not have any complaints when we are around. We are respectful of your home and their peace.

Call us today when you need quality and beautiful condo remodeling. We will keep your standards and ensure a smooth project for you and your neighbors.