Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most valued rooms in a house. The kitchen is the heart of every home. Most memories originate when interacting in a kitchen whether cooking, eating on the bar or just chit-chatting. On the other hand, you spend a substantial amount of time in the bathroom every day preparing yourself to face the day and everyone in it. Therefore, it has to be a place you want to spend and enjoy time with good lighting, vanity mirrors, and enough shower space.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are therefore Siamese twins. You can’t adore one and leave out the other. When selling a house, a bathroom and kitchen remodeling can make it sell faster than hot cakes. If not to sell, you’ll enjoy your home much more with a well-remodeled kitchen and bathroom.

If you’re planning to take a kitchen and bathroom model, read on for comparisons on costs, time and importance.

  1. Home Disruption

Home activities such as cooking and bathing are vital, and you can’t do without them. However, if you were to go without either a kitchen or a bathroom for a month, you’ll be more disrupted without a bath.

The experience may not be the same, but there are alternatives to cooking such as takeout, restaurants and hot plates. On the other hand, your bathroom is a sanctuary that cannot be borrowed or left out of your daily activities for too long.

  1. House Value

Home buyers are more likely to make a decision on buying your house faster based on the kitchen model than they would on the bathroom model. While both places are important, it’s the kitchen which raises the value of your home.

Further, realtors usually set camp in the kitchen area which becomes a focal point for the to-be homeowners.

  1. Cost

Bathrooms and kitchen repairs aren’t cheap. That’s because you don’t get to rebuild every other year. Once the renovation is complete, it should carry for a couple of years before carrying out another refurbishment.

On average, kitchen remodeling costs more because of the area and the items required. A significant kitchen remodeling can cost about $57,000 while the bathroom remodels costs less by $17000.

Conversely, a minor kitchen repair costs an average of $19,000 while that of the bathroom costs an average of $15000, this includes minor bathroom additions.

  1. Time Taken

Remodeling a kitchen can take more than a month depending on the extent of repairs; whether major or minor.  On average, a maximum of six months should be enough to have a brand new looking kitchen with everything refurbished or re-installed afresh. A bathroom takes a maximum of less than a month to have all the additional bathroom appliances in place. If time is a concern when refurbishing, you can start with the bathroom and then remodel the kitchen at a slower pace


Kitchen and bathrooms are expensive to renovate, however, the results last for many years. If you’re thinking of putting your house up for sale, you’re better off with kitchen remodeling only as it ups the value considerably.